Where Do You Want To Go?

"We’ve done Disneyland several times, and quite confident that we knew all the hacks and had a bead on the best pricing. But, I was wrong. I just met with Andy, and he found me pricing on park tickets that I wouldn’t have found on my own. As a bonus, I got great info on MaxPass, and relevant info on hitting the park correctly for the age of our kids. Thanks!"

-Michael Gustafson,


"My teenage son and I were intending to vacation at Disney World in Orlando Florida and after some early planning I could see that it was a vastly different “WORLD” than Disneyland! With four different theme parks comprising Disney World and a complex “fast pass” system that was nothing like Disneyland, I was quickly becoming confused and overwhelmed. Working with Andy Fox changed everything. His insight, experience, and expertise provided the guidance and recommendations we needed to ensure a smooth and seamless vacation. By helping us plan our itinerary, securing our fast passes ahead of time, guiding us on how to avoid food lines, and advising on specific transportation based on his familiarity with the Orlando area and Disney parks, Andy helped us make the most efficient use of our time to maximize our fun and avoid stress and frustration. Thank you Andy for helping us have an amazing and truly memorable vacation!"

-Stacey Libby

"My family of six wanted a Disneyland trip and looking online we were confused and overwhelmed by all the details to the point where we considered a different vacation altogether. However, after we met with Andy Fox, it was made clear as day. The planning proposal and tentative itinerary was careful and well thought out, the hotel room was comfortable and fit our large family, as well as being within walking distance of the park, saving us a great deal of money. The recommendations for each ride and use of time over the five days we had planned in Anaheim saved us the headache of searching for activities or restaurants that wouldn’t have been accommodating for our young children. We had the best vacation and definitely made some fantastic memories at Disneyland and without a doubt couldn’t have had the same experience if it were not for their help."

-Dan and Yohanna Cruz