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It All Started on a Train...

Brothers Fox Travel has been in our hearts since the day our parents bought a beat up old Winnebago and we took the great American pilgrimage to Disneyland. We broke down too many times, fought the heat and barely made it, but the joy of Disneyland erased all of our stress and somehow made the whole journey worthwhile. From that point on, Disney was our destination of choice and we were either headed to our laughing place, or planning our next trip.

Both of us (The Brothers Fox) are ordained pastors and are in full time vocational ministry. In August of 2017 we were at a pastors conference held at the Anaheim Convention Center.  We of course spent every moment that we were not at the conference in Disneyland- smiling, eating churros and expertly navigating the parks. On our last day in Disneyland we each double fisted churros, grabbed a mint julep and boarded the Disneyland railroad to just soak in the joy… We didn’t get off the train until we had completed several full circle loops. It was on the third trip around, after 5 days of seeing so many people missing out on all of the easy ways to make their trip stress free, I said to my brother: “people need our help doing this, they are missing the joy!” Right then and there we shook hands and agreed to start Brothers Fox Travel where people can come to learn the secrets to joy full and stress free travel. Let us help you make it happen for you!

When you book with Brothers Fox, the stress is over!!